Izak Nel's Story:


My story begins some 4 years ago. The bank came and took whatever they could. I ended up in a 3x3 tent in a neglected holliday resort on the outskirts of Bella Bella where I had to survive on a total budget of R650p/m. I completely lost hope in the future and resigned to my fate.


On the 15th of June Martin van Dyk, an old school friend got hold of me and asked me to press play. I waited till after midnight before I watched it, because data is cheeper after 12. Anyhow I watched to the point where the presenter said "R2000" then I switched my phone off and went to sleep. There was just no way I could get to R2000. Everything I own in this life is in the tent with me, or in the boot of my rust bucket 98' Honda.


The next day Martin listened to me and offered to sponsor me, my journey began.


Just like that, I had something I haven't known in years. Hope! I knew I would probably not be a superstar that shocked this thing in 6 weeks time. I had to overcome some tough obstacles. I had access to my own online platform, but I had no data to run it from. But that didn't stop me. I cut my lifestyle even more and bought into the neighbors WiFi.


I had/have no people. When you slide backwards you don't really want people to know what happened to you. Add the hand me down phones with incompatible sim slots and my contact list was around 30 people to begin with. But that didn't stop me. I was suddenly in a people's business. I would have to work with people and to recruit people I needed confidence, witch I did not have and still struggle with from time to time. But that didn't stop me. I had something very powerful radiating from my core. I had hope, and I was going to feed that flame with half my food budget to begin with, and if it wanted more, it would have it.


I haven't made my breakthrough yet, but it's imminent I can feel it. I have personals in UK, Poland, Australia, NZ Saudi and India.



It's true, after 3 months and limited resources I haven't made a breakthrough yet, but it's coming, maybe today even. What I have is the most powerful driver in the world. I have hope and I will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to succeed in this business.

Izak Nel